Utilizing a variety of technologies including Internet, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), e-mail, fax and voice response, Matson provides timely, concise information the way you want it throughout all phases of your shipment. Our fully integrated customer support applications provide access to freight transaction information from the initial rate quote through payment of your shipment.

Matson is committed to working with you to create customized e-commerce programs that provide comprehensive transportation solutions. We strive to deliver the information you need, when you need it and in the format you desire. If one of our products does not satisfy your needs, let us know and we will work with you to develop a customized solution.

View Vessel Schedulesbacktop

Matson’s trade lane schedules are available through the following delivery mechanisms:

  • Internet: Via Matson’s website
  • Fax-on-demand: Using a touch phone
    To request faxed schedules please call 1-800-4-MATSON.
  • Phone: Please contact 1-800-9-MATSON
  • EDI technology: Matson supports the standardized EDI 323 x12 transaction.

Review Rates/Tariffsbacktop

Matson’s Rates/Tariffs application allows a customer to retrieve rates online and perform bottom line calculations of freight charges. Rates and charges can be retrieved, along with updates and future rate changes, using a few simple keystrokes across multiple tariffs. Tariff rules and regulations are also available

Booking Your Shipmentbacktop

Web-based booking allows you to book your shipment via Matson’s booking portal. Through the use of customized booking templates provided to you by Matson, you may complete a booking with minimal keystrokes. Once you submit your booking request, you will immediately receive a Matson booking number while online as well as via email. Highlights include the ability to:

  • Create multiple bookings for multiple vessels in one click
  • Export data to CSV, Excel or XML formats
  • Dynamically sort columns
  • View and rename booking templates with ease
  • Perform a QUICK SEARCH to view, update or cancel a booking using less keystrokes
  • Access multiple views of your bookings:
    • Upcoming
    • Recently created
    • Historical
  • Conveniently schedule door services
  • Automatically receive online and emailed booking confirmations
  • Set personalized preferences regarding the number of rows to display on your booking portal and the number of days to display in your history

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The following links will familiarize you with key functions within Matson’s booking portal:

In order to book privately owned vehicles or personal household goods, please use the following links:

EDI technology provides a method of automation for large volume transactions. Matson supports standardized X12 transactions in both the Ocean (300) and Motor Carrier (200) series.

Tracking Your Shipmentbacktop

Web-based shipment tracking enables you to track the status of a container throughout its movement within the Matson system. Utilizing a variety of search options, you can quickly find the current status of a container, as well as movement and shipment details. You must register for this capability. Register now!

For a high level status of your container’s location, Ocean Shipment Track provides basic visibility without the requirement of a user ID or password. The container status is accessible by Container number, Booking number or Bill of Lading number. This access is available on the Matson.com home page.

FaxTrack provides daily shipment status information directly to our customers via fax and e-mail. We offer a flexible reporting package, including vessel summaries, current status of all containers and historical summaries of completed shipments. You specify the schedule and frequency with which you require information and Matson will automatically send it to you. You must register for this capability. Register now!

EDI technology provides a method of automation for large volume transactions. Matson supports standard X12 transactions in both the Ocean (300) and Motor Carrier (200) series.

Submit Billing Instructionsbacktop

You can submit your billing instructions online. By utilizing the appropriate form for your freight transaction, you may complete billing instructions and submit them to Matson electronically. You must register for this capability. Register now!

Retrieve/Print Billing Documentsbacktop

All documents are available on Matson’s web site. You may retrieve and print your freight bills, bills of lading, delivery orders and notices of arrival online. You must register for this capability. Register now!

Faxed billing documents are available on request. Please contact # 1-800-9-MATSON.

EDI technology provides a method of automation for large volume transactions. Freight invoices are available via EDI; Matson supports standardized X12 transactions in both the Ocean (300) and Motor Carrier (200) series.

View Account Balancesbacktop

View the payment status of your account online. You will be able to view a summary, by category, of total outstanding invoices and further detail by invoice number for a selected category. You must register for this capability. Register now!

Obtain Formsbacktop

The following Matson forms are available to download from Matson’s website:

Credit Application This form is to be completed by any customer wishing to establish credit for the purpose of conducting business with Matson Navigation Company. Customers are welcome to fill out a credit application and submit them online.

Application of Claim for Freight & Damage This form is to be completed by any Customers that has: Claims against loss, shortage, or damage of freight.

HI Auto Delivery Receipt A Hawaii Auto Delivery Receipt is a form that is required in order to register your vehicle with the State of Hawaii. Matson provides this to you at the time of Pick up in Hawaii. You may print a copy of your Hawaii Auto Delivery Receipt by entering your Booking Number and/or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Shipper Owned Container Form The Shipper Owned Container Form is to be completed by any customer wishing to ship a container that is not owned or leased by Matson. This form, plus other documentation noted on the form, must be submitted and approved before a shipper owned container can be delivered to Matson.

Validate Containerbacktop

The validate container functionality allows a customer to enter a container number and the results validate the type, size, height, description as well as whether or not the container is a Matson owned container.

Ship ITGBLbacktop

Using the Matson Household Goods website, Matson has provided a “one-stop” location on the world-wide-web for the rating, booking and tracking of your military household goods shipments to and from Hawaii and Guam.

Track Your Vessel via GPSbacktop

Matson’s GPS tracking allows you to track any vessel within the Matson fleet by the click of a mouse.

EDI Servicesbacktop

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows Matson’s trading partners to exchange business data between computer systems using agreed upon message standards without human intervention.

Matson’s customer EDI transactions include:

  • Vessel Schedules
  • Booking Request
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Booking Cancellation
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Shipment Status
  • Freight Invoices
  • Payment Order/Remittance Advice
  • Functional Acknowledgements

Standards supported are:

  • ANSI x12
  • XML or any mutually agreed upon ‘flat file’ format

Communication methods are comprised of Internet and non-Internet methods including FTP, Email, Direct Lines, HTTP, XML, AS1, AS2 & value added network providers.

EDI Benefits are:

  • Accuracy –
    By reducing data entry errors due to re-keying
  • Completeness –
    By diminishing ‘lost’ data due to misplaced faxes etc.
  • Timeliness –
    By ‘eliminating’ human intervention and streamlining business functionality and communication

Getting Started:

Complete the following Matson EDI PARTNER PROFILE and return it to 1EDIProdSupport@matson.com. You may also contact your sales or customer support center for assistance.

Payment Instructionsbacktop

Customer Payment Remittance Lockbox Address:
Please send your payment to the nearest facility.
P.O. Box 7395
San Francisco, CA 94120-7395

PO Box 842157
Los Angeles, CA 90084-2157

P.O. Box 98481
Chicago, IL 60693

P.O. Box 31000
Honolulu, HI 96849-5054

P.O. Box 94324
Seattle, WA 98124-6624

Electronic Transfers:
ACH or Wires may be sent using the information below.
Wire Payments
Bank of America
Acct. No. 12335-17020
ABA No. 0260-0959-3

ACH Payments
Bank of America
Acct. No. 12335-17020
ABA No. 121000358

Bank Address:
Bank of America
1850 Gateway Blvd.
Concord, CA 94520

For more information, please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-800-4-MATSON or e-mail us at web_customer_registration@matson.com