Bishop Museum Accepts Matson Grant

Matson, Inc. established its charitable giving program to administer all of the company’s community support activities. Matson contributes funds, material goods and services to assist in the development and operation of not-for-profit, charitable and community organizations in the geographic locations in which Matson has business operations.

“One of the pillars of Matson’s corporate culture has been a long-standing tradition of community involvement based upon a desire to improve the quality of life where we do business and where our employees live and work,” said Matt Cox, chairman and CEO of Matson, Inc.


Matson’s charitable giving program is directed by three geographically oriented committees — Pacific, Alaska and Mainland — entirely comprised of active and involved employees, each considering requests from their respective communities, which they know best.  The Pacific Committee is the primary policy-setting body.  Program leaders are listed at the following link: Committee Members

PBS Hawaii Accepts Matson Grant

Areas of Interest

Matson supports a wide range of community needs.   Areas of interest include maritime environment and ocean resource conservation, education, human services, culture and arts, and civic and community programs.

In addition to cash donations, Matson Giving provides sponsorship support for fundraising events or activities that benefit a worthy cause.

Application Guidelines and Online Application Portals

NOTE: Matson Giving is temporarily focusing all resources on addressing the highest priority community needs resulting directly from the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a result, current and pending commitments are being suspended pending review and responses to inquiries may be delayed.

If you would like to apply to Matson for a charitable donation or request sponsorship for a fundraising event, please first review the Guidelines below, then complete the online application.  Feel free to also reach out via letter, phone call or email to any Matson employee with whom your organization has a relationship, as additional employee input is considered as part of our evaluation process.


Links to New Applications

To Register OR start a new cash donation application, click here

To Register OR start a new fundraising event/sponsorship application, click here

To Register OR start a new request for in-kind shipping support, click here.

To Register OR start a new request for loaned or donated containers, click here.

Link to In-Progress Applications

To Review Your Saved Application OR to Finalize and Submit Your Application, click here


A minimum of 90 days should be allowed for consideration of requests.   For example, if your charity is producing a fundraising event on June 15, your request should be submitted no later than March 15.

The dates of Committee meetings are not disclosed, as they are subject to change.  Each of the Committees meets regularly, usually every 5-7 weeks, and well-documented, complete requests can generally be considered promptly, at the next scheduled meeting.

Urgent, unanticipated opportunities which fall outside this timing framework may qualify for an exception. In these circumstances, please describe the situation in an email to staff  at after submitting your online application.


Donations will not be made to or on behalf of individuals, nor will contributions be made to benefit solely religious or political organizations. Generally only one donation will be given in a calendar year to any organization. Preference is given to charitable non-profits that have the greatest opportunity to positively affect the communities Matson serves.

If you have any questions about the Matson Giving program, please contact us at

Note: Matson Giving is not a 501(c)(3) entity