Using Matson Logistics Supply Chain in the cloud, you can manage the movement of Purchase Orders (PO’s), from order creation through to product delivery at final destination.  Key PO milestone events are configured and monitored on-line, reducing the risks of late or incorrect deliveries. Key PO management features include the ability to:

  • Manage ship window compliance by exception, alerting you when a supplier delivers either early or late against a ship window. ML Supply Chain can also track multiple supplier deliveries against a single order.
  • Track partial, over & under shipment quantities in order to alert you to shipment quantity problems, based on exception tolerances that you define and configure.
  • Calculate Landed Cost down to the SKU level, based on the cost components and calculation algorithm that you define and configure.
  • Control multiple PO versions in order to view, track and audit all updates to PO’s throughout the life cycle of that order.