Matson Logistics Supply Chain’s cloud-based technology model is built on a single, global database. Every event, every document, every artifact in the supply chain has a single instance of record, or a “single version of the truth.” As your products move through the supply chain, this information becomes available only to those suppliers and service providers that need it. This single, global instance of your supply chain data – orders, bookings, SKU’s, cartons, containers and ASN’s — has crucial benefits:

  • Increased accuracy and data you can trust.
  • Increased timeliness means that you see your data sooner, so that you can take action as events unfold
  • Improved productivity and lower costs result from the elimination of duplicate data entry and work processes
  • More complete auditing of supply chain information provides a complete picture of who took what steps and when, in real-time

ML Supply Chain’s technology is internet-based. A web browser is all you need to bring your internal users, suppliers, and service providers on-line. Access our software with your mobile devices. Integrate with our platform using any number of EDI, XML and proprietary integration formats. Control access to your information with sophisticated roles and permissions architecture.

ML Supply Chain technology enables global access to your information, exactly where and when you want it.



Single Cloud-based IT Platform