Matson Logistics operates one of the largest FTZs on the West Coast. Since 1988, we have served hundreds of importers and exporters who flow their products through the FTZ to compete more strategically in local and global markets by deferring or eliminating customs duties, improving cash flow, optimizing inventory, and streamlining distribution.

Full Service FTZbacktop

Our Oakland FTZ is a full-service complex that includes warehouses, offices, and light manufacturing facilities. Imported and domestic merchandise may be moved into the FTZ for storage, exhibition, assembly, manufacturing, testing, inspection, labeling, and repackaging. Value-added services are also available to package and prepare merchandise to be retail-ready or for distribution through e-commerce channels.

Right for a Range of Productsbacktop

We serve a variety of retail and wholesale products. Our warehouse is FTZ bonded, FDA food certified, and USDA organic certified to meet the highest security and sanitation standards. Almost any product that is imported or exported under quota or strict tariff rules may benefit from importation or exportation through the FTZ. Industries commonly served include: wines, spirits, beverages, food, paper products, retail, apparel, high-tech, and consumer packaged goods.

Distribution Advantagesbacktop

Matson Logistics’ FTZ expedites the transfer and transportation of this merchandise with its close proximity to the Port of Oakland, Oakland International Airport, the I-80 and I-5 interstate corridors, and intermodal rail ramps.

Business Benefitsbacktop

FTZ users can improve cash flow by deferring duty until imported goods leave the FTZ for U.S. consumption or are re-exported. Many benefit from efficient storage of products subject to quotas. It can also be advantageous to transfer ownership of merchandise in the FTZ from a foreign entity to a U.S. entity and then import them.

Duty Economiesbacktop

Duty can be reduced or eliminated on defective, scrap or obsolete goods, saving money in the FTZ, too. Through weekly entries, it’s also possible to reduce customs broker costs and merchandise processing fees. Additionally, inverted tariffs provide FTZ users the opportunity to pay the duty rate on components or the assembled finished goods, whichever is lower.

Opportunities for Maximizing FTZ Advantagesbacktop

  • Ability to perform light industrial work, like assembly and manufacturing
  • Access value-added services onsite, including labeling and repackaging
  • Make-ready for retail distribution or ecommerce fulfillment
  • Ability to transform inputs to finished goods
  • Access to duty-exempt labor and overhead to profit from value-added work
  • Segregation of waste and scrap byproduct
  • Testing or inspecting of goods or equipment
  • Storage to meet tariff or quota conditions
  • Exhibition and test-market space
  • Distribution of high-excise tax products for duty-free
  • Ability to label products to comply with U.S. rules

Find out if FTZ services will add value and flexibility to your supply chain.

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