Supply chain visibility and analytics tools are about more than just knowing where your shipment is. They’re about managing the complexity of your global supply chain. And knowing with certainty that your products are where they should be, that they were manufactured with quality, that they arrived on time and at the right cost, and that they’re available to your customers when they should be.

Matson Logistics Supply Chain visibility and analytics tools help to ensure that certainty, from the time orders are placed until they’re delivered at final destination. These tools enable you to:

  • Integrate dozens of supply chain partners on a single platform
  • Model optimal supply chain performance
  • Identify and manage exceptions
  • Manage the performance of suppliers and supply chain providers
  • Measure the financial impact of that performance.

ML Supply Chain helps you to make sense of hundreds of events and documents in your supply chain, enabling you to accurately measure and improve your supply chain.

All on a single, global IT platform. Your supply chain in the cloud.

View your products anywhere

With ML Supply Chain, you have visibility to your products as they’re ordered, produced, shipped, customs cleared, and delivered to final destination. Configure your supply chain dashboard to meet your needs, so that you manage and measure what matters. Configure access so that your users, suppliers and providers see only what they should see.

Integrate with all supply chain parties

ML Supply Chain’s single, global IT platform integrates your suppliers and other supply chain providers based on your business needs. ML Supply Chain’s experienced operations staff manage both the technology solution and the processes required to integrate your supply chain partners – technology bundled with on-the-ground staff at both origin and at destination.

Model optimal supply chain performance

By creating relationships among the milestones that matter most, you have the power to define how your supply chain should perform – when milestones should occur, what shipping modes and carriers are desired, and the desired duration of your end-to-end supply chain cycle. This modeling provides the optimal performance baseline against which actual performance is measured. You’ve now set the stage to identify opportunities and drive improvements.

Identify and manage exceptions

Based on your supply chain models, you’ll be notified of the exceptions as you’ve defined them, as early in the supply chain as possible. Earlier identification of exceptions translates into taking sooner corrective action and less supply chain disruption.

Through either an on-line dashboard or email and messaging alerts, you’ll be notified of the exceptions that matter to you and your customers. Configure these alerts for milestone dates, missing documents, or incorrect product quantities or condition, based on exception tolerances unique to your organization.

Manage performance of suppliers and supply chain service providers

Creating visibility into supply chain performance increases accountability for all parties. The ML Supply Chain global IT platform measures how well your suppliers and service providers are delivering against commitments.

World-class supply chain execution demands that all parties work in concert. You can’t afford poor performance from suppliers and service providers. So, measure performance, zero in on areas needing improvement and use these results to drive the supply chain performance you seek.

Measure Financial Impact

Driving supply chain improvements is more than just about ensuring on-time product delivery. It has a bottom line impact on your company’s financial performance. The ML Supply Chain solution allows you to identify and quantify potential financial opportunities across a number of areas, including inventory carrying costs, recovered sales, supplier costs, operational costs and overall transportation spend.

You’ll have the tools you need to translate improved supply chain performance into hard dollars and cents.