Matson Logistics Supply Chain offers a variety of origin services throughout 18 locations in Asia in order to ensure that product is loaded and shipped on-time, based on your needs and instructions. Those services include the ability to:

  • Consolidate CFS origin shipments, including carton and SKU-level piece count, destination container loading requirements and container utilization efficiency.
  • Manage GOH shipments, by receiving and storing garments at dehumidified storage rooms within local facilities and loading the garments into a GOH container with string or bar systems, thus reducing re-handling costs and ensuring that garments arrive in better shape at destination.
  • Sort and Pick & Pack product at origin, in order to improve inventory management, shorten product lead times and reduce destination re-handling costs.
  • Bar Code Label and Scan both outer cartons and inner boxes within an origin port’s local facility, including the transmission of standard EDI messages. This service reduces manual data entry, improves data quality, improves productivity at origin and facilitates the automation of distribution centers at destination.
  • Palletize and Shrink Wrap to reduce re-handling time and costs at both origin and destination and to help reduce damage to products.
  • Provide local drayage for CY, LCL and CFS loads from the supplier facility to the port of shipment.
  • Provide outbound customs house brokerage for export at origin. As a licensed broker, ML Supply Chain will negotiate customs clearance for cargo on behalf of the shipper and consignee.
  • Collect and audit export documentation as defined in the agreed-upon Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Each document will then be scanned and forwarded either as soft or hard copy to your destinations as defined in the SOP. ML Supply Chain will support the ability to manage supply chains by exception through its capability to monitor and report any document exceptions, whereby required documents are not provided on-time by any supply chain partner.
  • Book ocean and air shipments based on SOP guidelines, regardless of carrier or transportation mode.