Moving product and information in support of global supply chains is critical but not sufficient. World-class supply chain execution demands that critical supply chain documents also flow reliably and seamlessly. Your documents must be at the right place at the right time. Matson Logistics Supply Chain specializes in creating, storing, scanning and auditing the documents you require to manage your supply chain. Our cloud-based document management services include:

  • Purchase Orders can be viewed by suppliers and supply chain partners, and updated by those parties you authorize. Robust roles and permissions capabilities ensure that your suppliers and partners see only the information you want them to see.
  • Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists can be viewed or entered on-line, using the purchase order as the basis for their creation.
  • Cargo Receipts are created on-line, as validation that a supplier has delivered the specified cargo and all related documents as committed.
  • Bills of Lading can be stored and made available for viewing and printing based on your requirements.
  • Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN) are created on-line and made available to downstream supply chain partners. Brokers, distribution centers and in-house ERP solutions can all receive advance notification of product shipments, thus increasing timeliness and accuracy of downstream information and eliminating redundant data entry.
  • ISF 10+2 Filing entries are created and transmitted to U.S. Customs based on information already stored on the ML Supply Chain global IT platform.
  • World-class EDI services are a core competency for ML Supply Chain. All documents can be stored, viewed and printed at any time. For those customers wishing to send or receive documents via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), ML Supply Chain supports virtually all EDI document formats and standards.