Registration Information

There are two types of online transactions available on the Matson website, unsecured and secured.

The unsecured transactions can be accessed on the website by the general public without having to register and/or login. See Transactions That Do Not Require Registration

In order to gain access to the secured online transaction area of the website, you must be a registered user. The registration process is described below under How to Become a Registered User

Note: Existing Matson website customers will not be required to go through this registration process.

Transactions That Do Not Require Registration

As discussed above, there are activities or transactions, which can be accessed and performed within the website, that do not require registration. These unsecured online activities or transactions are: 

  • Viewing Tariffs
  • Viewing Vessel Schedules
  • Booking and Tracking Privately Owned Vehicles
  • Requesting Credit
  • Filing a Claim

These activities can be accessed from the public or non-secured portion of the website and will not be covered in this guide.

Transactions That Require Registration

Some online transactions are secure and require a customer to register, while others are available to the general public without registration (see section titled Transactions That Do Not Require Registration).

The Domestic Trade services that are available and require registration and login are:

  • Track Shipments
  • Book Shipments
    • Create
    • Modify
    • View
  • View Account Balances
  • Billing Instructions
  • Automobile Tracking
  • Retrieve Billing Documents
    • Freight Bill
    • Bill of Lading
    • Delivery Order
    • Notice of Arrival

The China Trade services that are available and require registration and login are:

  • Track Shipments
  • View Account Balances
  • Retrieve Billing Documents
    • Notice of Arrival

How to Become a Registered User

To become a registered user, the process described below must be completed. This process includes steps that address the issue of security and acceptance of the terms and conditions associated with becoming a Matson website registered user. These topics are briefly covered below.


Matson has made and continues to make reasonable efforts to ensure that your company's information is protected against unauthorized access.

In order to help maintain a secure site, we ask that individuals at companies apply for their own User ID's rather than sharing an ID between several users.

Terms and Conditions

Each individual registering or requesting a User ID for the first time will be asked to acknowledge and agree with Matson's terms and conditions before access to the secured online transaction portion of the website is granted. If you choose not to agree to the terms and conditions of the website, Matson will be unable to establish a User ID in your name.

Registration Process

The registration process includes several activities, both online and administrative, which need to be performed in order to complete the entire registration process. To begin the process, you must access and complete the Online Registration Form.

How to Complete Online Registration Form:

  1. Enter appropriate text in all the required text boxes in the top portion of the registration form. Required text fields are marked with an asterisk ( * ). Click or tab to navigate from one text box to the next.

  2. Select the appropriate trade (ALL, China or Domestic).

  3. Click one or more of the check boxes indicating which services you wish to access.

  4. Click one or more of the check boxes indicating the type(s) of relationship you wish to establish with Matson.

  5. Identify the method you would like to be notified by when your account is activated (phone, email or fax).

  6. Review Matson’s Terms & Conditions and select the box acknowledging that you agree to them.

  7. Click the Submit button to accept your input.

To clear the screen, in order to begin again, simply click the Clear button.

Issuance of a User ID:

Once the online registration form is submitted, it is received by the Data & Administrative Services Group within Matson's Customer Support Center. This group will work with the registration information provided to complete the necessary verification and approval tasks, before issuing a new unique User ID.

If any of the information supplied in your registration is unclear, or additional approval is required, you will be notified by a Matson representative who will request you to provide the needed information or documentation. 

Once all verifications are completed and approvals obtained, you will receive confirmation by email with your new User ID and a default password. When you use your new User ID for the first time, you will be prompted to change the default password to a personalized one. After that, you will be able to change your password online whenever you choose.

To Inquire About the Status of a Registration:

nce you submit your registration, please allow approximately two working days to receive notification of your User ID. If it has been more than two days, you may inquire about the status of your registration by contacting the Data & Administrative Services group at Please include your name and your Company name with your inquiry.