Obtain Forms

Credit Application

A credit application is a form to be completed by any customer wishing to establish credit for the purpose of conducting business with Matson Navigation Company. Customers are welcome to fill out a credit application and submit them online.

Application of Claim for Freight & Damage

A claim form is a form to be completed by any customer that has: Claims against loss, shortage, or damage of freight.

Hawaii Automobile Delivery Receipt

A Hawaii Automobile Delivery Receipt is a form that is required in order to register your vehicle with the State of Hawaii. Matson provides this to you at the time of Pick up in Hawaii. You may print a copy of your Hawaii Automobile Delivery Receipt by entering your Booking Number and/or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Auto Haz Form

Shipper Owned Container Form

The Shipper Owned Container Form is to be completed by any customer wishing to ship a container that is not owned or leased by Matson. This form, plus other documentation noted on the form, must be submitted and approved before a shipper owned container can be delivered to Matson.