As your supply chain continues to grow into an increasingly complex array of suppliers, service providers, events and documents, your success depends ever more on the timely and accurate sharing of information with these supply chain partners. It also depends on confidentiality and ensuring that only appropriate data is accessible to appropriate parties.

Matson Logistics Supply Chain’s technology successfully balances these two business problems, integration and configuration:

  • ML Supply Chain’s strong integration expertise and deep existing network of integrated supply chain providers means that your suppliers and providers can easily be connected into your supply chain. All standard EDI and XML business standards are supported, as are proprietary formats as necessary. Our realistic, pragmatic approach to integration means that you’ll receive the information you need, when you need it.
  • ML Supply Chain’s robust roles and permissions architecture ensures that all users and organizations see only the information you’d like them to see. You’ll have confidence that this is true, because you will specify the data access rules yourself and validate them prior to go-live. Our technology provides configuration power that you can trust.