Products & Services Overview

Matson Logistics Supply Chain offers an integrated and end-to-end suite of services to help you manage your shipments, your documents and your information. From order creation through to final delivery, you’re seeking to simultaneously improve supply chain performance and reduce costs. Whether it’s gaining earlier visibility into a supplier’s production processes, more closely measuring the performance of carriers and other supply chain partners, or monitoring and reducing supply chain spending, ML Supply Chain is ready to help you drive improvements through all phases of your supply chain.

By combining internet-based technology, business process expertise, deep global logistics management experience and a culture built around customer service, ML Supply Chain is uniquely positioned to help you deliver on the promise of supply chain execution: lower inventory carrying costs, reduced transportation spend, and improved product availability, where and when you want it.

Through every step of your supply chain, you’ll know where your product is. You’ll spend your time on the exceptions that require your attention. You’ll know how your providers are performing. You’ll make measurable improvements. You’ll move your bottom line.