Supply Chain Overview

Your Supply Chain in the Cloud Image

World-class supply chain execution demands the ability to seamlessly integrate supply chain partners from around the world, each of whom uses different technologies and processes. The costs and complexities of solving this business problem have left solutions out of reach for all but the largest global enterprises.

Until now.

Matson Logistics Supply Chain, through its 100% internet-based 3PL services, brings world-class supply chain execution within reach for companies of all sizes.

  • View and manage SKU-level purchase orders end-to-end.
  • Enable suppliers to be on-line.
  • Monitor the performance of transportation providers, customs brokers and distribution centers.

The Vision Is Now a Reality

The cloud is the perfect model to manage supply chains as they grow into an increasingly complex array of suppliers, providers, events and documents. A single global database acts as a “single version of the truth” that can be accessed and shared seamlessly around the globe by all suppliers and supply chain partners. This in turn enables earlier visibility and time to act, more accurate information, higher productivity, and higher performing supply chains. It means bottom line impact to those companies who can execute in the cloud.

There can be hundreds of events involved in the movement of product from origin to destination. Making sense of this complexity requires a 3PL partner to help identify key milestones, to manage your supply chain by exception, and to measure what matters most in delivering real and credible return-on-investment.

ML Supply Chain. The 3PL that puts your supply chain in the cloud.


ML Supply Chain is a key component of the integrated suite of services offered by Matson. Other services include: