Matson began serving Hawaii in 1882, when our founder, Captain William Matson, embarked on his first voyage from San Francisco to bring necessary provisions and food to sugar plantations near Hilo. Since then, our business has grown beyond Hawaii to serve many communities across the Pacific while helping to advance Transpacific trade and expanding into intermodal transportation across North America and Asia. Throughout the years, we have not lost sight of the connection and responsibility we have to the communities we serve, as well as to the people who make up our company.

A Safe and Healthy Work Environment

While vessel, terminal and warehouse environments come with certain safety risks, our goal is to prevent any lost time incidents and fatalities. We work to minimize safety risks and build an enterprise-wide safety culture through worker training, awareness campaigns, awards and incentives, and thorough tracking of incidents and near miss reporting. Under our policies, we follow international best practices in the development and management of our safety program.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In 2020, we committed to taking concrete steps to help combat systemic racism in our communities and redouble our efforts to work toward greater inclusion and diversity at Matson. It is our aim to be a great place for everyone to work regardless of their background, experience, identity, race, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Our industry has predominately been white and male, and we intend to help change that status quo both within our company and beyond.

Our overarching strategy is focused on increasing diversity in our company and industry, creating an inclusive culture through employee learning and development, and working to provide equitable pay and opportunities.

Over the past year, much of our focus has been on developing and promoting diverse individuals into leadership positions. In 2021, we promoted more than 20 women and 40 individuals from racially diverse backgrounds into positions of management or senior leadership.

As Matson continues to grow, we also intend to use recruiting and hiring of new employees as a means to increase the diversity of our workforce and leadership candidate pool.

The composition of Matson’s domestic shoreside workforce by gender and race in 2021 were as follows (data for seagoing personnel is not available to the Company):

Graphic 5 Domestic Workforce

The composition of management positions within Matson’s domestic shoreside workforce by gender and race in 2021 is as follows (data for seagoing personnel is not available to the Company):

A copy of Matson’s 2021 consolidated EEO-1 report is available here. Note that the EEO-1 report does not include employees in Guam, employees outside of the U.S., and certain offshore employees.

Employee Development and Retention

Matson provides a highly competitive and balanced total rewards program, including competitive salaries, cash and equity incentives, recognition awards, health and welfare benefits, and employee- and employer-funded retirement plans. In 2021, we expanded our benefits to include adoption support, fertility treatments and pet insurance. We continue to evaluate other opportunities to attract, develop and retain employees in today’s competitive employment market.

Matson offers a variety of social and monetary recognition programs to acknowledge the successes of our staff. These programs include the prestigious Presidential Award and our Matson Celebrates program which allow us to recognize colleagues for everyday achievements and successes.


In keeping with our island heritage, Matson has always operated with a deep commitment to the remote communities we serve. Giving back has always been an essential part of serving the communities that rely on our services.

We remained focused on fulfilling our commitment to maintaining reliable service to the remote communities we serve, and succeeded in doing so without interruption throughout 2021. We worked hard to deliver food, household goods and health and medical supplies when and where they were most needed. We also upheld our commitment to contributing in other ways, focusing on where needs were greatest and where our support would result in the greatest positive impact. And, we embraced our role as a local employer and business partner, recognizing our economic impact in the communities where we provide jobs.

Matson Giving

In keeping with long-standing tradition, Matson contributes cash and in-kind services every year to high-performing community organizations across the Pacific.

Giving is a big part of our Pacific culture, and Matson employees also play an active role in their communities. They provide hands-on support to hundreds of organizations every year, from participating in environmental cleanups and volunteering at local food banks, to helping with fundraising activities for local charities.

For more information about our HR and Community programs, please see: