Matson began serving Hawaii in 1882, when our founder, Captain William Matson, embarked on his first voyage from San Francisco to bring necessary provisions and food to sugar plantations near Hilo. Since then, our business has grown beyond Hawaii to serve many communities across the Pacific while helping to advance transpacific trade and expanding into intermodal transportation across North America. Throughout the years, we have not lost sight of the connection and responsibility we have to the communities we serve, as well as to the people who make up our company.

A Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Like the rest of our industry, we operate in environments that come with some inherent risks, but many can be prevented. We work to minimize all risks throughout the enterprise by investing in training and communication initiatives that help to keep our employees safe and healthy, all part of fostering a strong safety culture.

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Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Employees are the heart of any great company, and this is especially true at Matson. We attribute Matson’s success to our employees – the people who bring their unique knowledge, skills and talents to work every day, uphold the Company’s values, and make Matson a great place to work. Our company culture is largely defined by one overarching tenet – Ohana, the Hawaiian word for family. It is this sense of Ohana that guides our actions, values, and behaviors.

We strive to create an inclusive workplace environment where each person is respected and accepted for their own attributes and customs. We are also committed to cultivating a more diverse workforce by recruiting, employing, and promoting people from all backgrounds and demographics.

Total Rewards Program

Matson has an attractive total rewards program, consisting of salary, bonus and equity opportunities, health and welfare benefits, and company funded retirement options. We take a comprehensive approach to supporting our employees, ensuring they have access to wellness benefits, long-term care benefits, and supplemental back-up care for their children and families—all at no or minimal cost to our employees.

Matson offers a variety of social and monetary recognition programs to acknowledge the successes of our staff. These programs include the prestigious Presidential Award and our Matson Celebrates program which allows us to recognize colleagues for everyday achievements and successes.

Succession and Career Planning

To create career pathways for future leaders while planning for the loss of retiring employees, we take a proactive approach to succession and career planning. We focus on providing the next generation of promising talent with the tools they need to build their own careers at Matson.

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All employees are eligible to participate in career development opportunities and have access to over 300 developmental training modules. Additionally, we developed the “Becoming a Better Manager” leadership program, designed to improve communications and coaching skills as a way to further promote a supportive and productive workplace. Our company-wide training programs expose our employees to a variety of topics, beyond basic legally mandated training.

Community Lifeline

From Dutch Harbor, Alaska to Apra Harbor, Guam, our vessels deliver supplies that make daily life possible. The communities we serve need ongoing shipments of food, fuel, clothing, automobiles, electronics, and many other products necessary for everyday life. We recognize the essential role we play in these communities and strive to serve them well.

Community Giving

In keeping with long-standing tradition, Matson contributes cash and in-kind services every year to high-performing community organizations across the Pacific.

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Giving is a big part of our Pacific culture, and Matson employees also play an active role in their communities. They provide hands-on support to hundreds of organizations every year, from participating in environmental cleanups and volunteering at local food banks, to helping with fundraising activities for local charities.

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