From our shoreside offices to the remote harbors we serve, Matson is committed to conducting business in an honest, respectful and transparent manner while operating safe, reliable services. This ethos is foundational to the Board’s engagement in – and oversight of – Matson’s ESG practices. We believe acting with integrity is essential for building and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders.

Our approach is to continue doing what we’ve always done: Take care of our employees and provide them with the tools and training needed to uphold our company’s high standards for ethics; invest in the long-term resiliency of our operations in order to maintain safe, reliable service to our customers and island communities; and keep our diverse Board updated on Matson’s ESG strategy and goals.

Board of Directors

Matson’s Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the company’s management, setting the right tone at the top, and supporting management’s efforts to create long-term value for all of Matson’s stakeholders.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, the Board, with the assistance of the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, is responsible for overseeing sustainability matters relevant to the company’s business, including environmental, social, and governance matters.

We have a diverse Board.


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Matson’s Corporate Compliance Committee oversees and manages the Company’s ethics and compliance programs, policies, and procedures, including Matson’s Code of Conduct. Committee members include the General Counsel, the Chief Financial Officer, the Head of Internal Audit, the Head of Human Resources, and other senior management personnel. The committee is responsible for approving and providing overall supervision of the development, implementation, and operation of Matson’s corporate compliance program. The committee prepares semi-annual reports to the Audit Committee concerning the status of the program, including the general state of corporate compliance, the results of any compliance audits, significant compliance issues, notable changes in the overall compliance environment, and anticipated compliance activities. This reporting constitutes one element of the risk management process overseen by the Board.

Code of Conduct

Matson’s Code of Conduct sets out comprehensive standards of professional behavior for all Matson directors, officers and non-bargaining unit employees. Matson also expects that all companies, independent contractors and their employees that provide materials to or perform services for Matson will likewise meet the commitments of the Code of Conduct while on Matson property and/or conducting business with or on behalf of Matson. The Company makes the Code of Conduct readily available to all employees on the Home page of its intranet and requires annual refresher training in familiarity with the Code of Conduct for all employees.

Matson encourages and facilitates immediate reporting of any violation – or possible violation – of the law, the Code of Conduct or Matson policies to the Human Resources department, supervisors or any member of the Corporate Compliance Committee. The Company also provides a system for anonymous reporting online or by calling the Matson Ethics Hotline. The Hotline is a toll-free number that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is staffed by an independent third-party provider.

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Safe and Resilient Operations

We have a significant responsibility to all of the communities we serve, and perhaps more so to the small, remote communities where Matson may be the primary or only carrier. Because of this, we regularly invest in the safety, security and resiliency of our vessels and operational infrastructure.

Our approach is also focused on creating and regularly updating business continuity plans that help us prepare for and strengthen our defenses against potential cybersecurity incidents, system outages, natural disasters, extreme weather events and natural security threats. We have made investments and upgraded to newer and safer technology in our terminals, fleets and equipment.


We proactively implement cybersecurity measures and do our part to contribute to building a safe and secure cyberspace environment. We recognize the importance of safeguarding our customer’s data and protecting our own operations from cyberattacks. We employ the latest standards, technologies and best practices to achieve this objective. These measures include maintaining a comprehensive Information Security program and leveraging a risk management model for providing appropriate levels of protection for the Company’s business operations and information assets. Our company is secured according to ISO 27001,  NIST 800-53, and  DFARS 252.204-7012 cybersecurity standards.

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