Matson was the first container vessel company to initiate a zero discharge policy, launching a pilot program in 1993 with the Center for Marine Conservation (now the Ocean Conservancy) to address marine debris generated from ocean-going vessels. The pilot program was successful and now dedicated “greentainers” on Matson vessels collect all solid waste, except food scraps. Matson prohibits this solid waste from being discharged overboard. Instead, the greentainer is unloaded at a shoreside facility and the contents sent to recycling, waste-to-energy, or other acceptable disposal facilities.

Waste reduction is a particular focus of Matson’s shoreside environmental efforts, for both office and terminal activities. Matson also sponsors coastal cleanup events in Hawaii, Guam, and Alaska. With about 150 events per year, the Container for the Land programs strengthen Matson’s ties to its communities while removing tons of trash from the ocean.

Matson recycles its vessels responsibly. Because of concerns about the negative impacts of ship recycling practices around the world, Matson expressly requires that its vessels sold for recycling be directed to environmentally responsible and safe recycling facilities.