Preserving the environment and the health of the communities we serve is a core value at Matson. Our vessels navigate some of the most pristine and environmentally sensitive areas in the Pacific, including the Hawaiian Islands, the coast of California, Puget Sound, the coast of Alaska and islands in the South Pacific. These areas derive a great deal of their livelihood from the marine environment, including tourism, transportation, or fishing. Matson acknowledges and embraces our responsibility as a steward of these areas, and works to include environmental considerations in our strategic plans. Matson is proud to have twice been awarded the U. S. Coast Guard’s prestigious William M. Benkert Award for Environmental Excellence.

Part of our commitment to the environment includes fostering a company-wide ethic of environmental sustainability. All employees (both ashore and afloat) are trained in Matson’s Environmental Policy, which is designed to reach the goals of conservation through recycling, reducing waste, and re-using whenever and wherever possible.

Specific environmental initiatives at Matson include using (1) low-sulfur fuels and exhaust gas cleaning systems in compliance with IMO 2020, (2) shore power (sometimes referred to as alternative maritime power, AMP, or cold ironing) while at berth in California and China to eliminate engine emissions, and (3) ballast water treatment systems on all vessels. The newest additions to the Matson fleet use main engines that meet the IMO Tier III standards for NOx, making them among the lowest-emitting container vessels to regularly call the U.S. West Coast. All routes and vessel operations are planned to operate in the most efficient way possible, reducing fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about Matson’s environmental programs here:

  1. Air Quality and Climate Change
  2. Water Quality
  3. Solid Waste
  4. Sustainability