Volunteers for Matson's Adahi I Tano' clean up program.

Caring For Guam

Adahi I Tano' Taking Care of the Land logo for Matson Guam features a hand holding land, people and palm tress.

As a company serving some of the most pristine environments in the world, Matson has taken a leadership role in promoting “green” initiatives in our business and community service activities.

Exclusive to Guam is Matson’s environmental and community relations program, Adahi I Tano’ — which means ‘taking care of the land’.

Volunteers for Matson Guam's Adahi I Tano' program pick up trash on the beach.

Through this program, Matson donates the use of container equipment on Guam for environmental cleanup projects arranged by non-profit organizations and pays for the trucking expenses incurred in the delivery and pickup of the containers. Then, the non-profit organizations that successfully complete a cleanup receives a $500 cash contribution from Matson.

The program began in 2013 and, to date, more than five dozen different non-profit organizations on Guam have conducted close to eighty cleanups that have benefited our environment – earning money for their good causes. Matson has appreciated working with so many deserving local organizations!


Picture of a green container for recyclables aboard a Matson vessel.
Note the ‘green’ container in which recyclables are collected during voyages.

At sea, we are leaders in the maritime industry’s environmental stewardship arena, reducing marine debris for more than two decades through our “Zero Solid Waste Discharge” program, which was developed in consultation with the Center for Marine Conservation (now known as the Ocean Conservancy). ONLY food scraps are disposed of at sea – all other waste materials are collected in ‘green containers’ during voyages and recycled/disposed of properly at shoreside facilities.