All marine vessels generate bilge water which may contain oil. Effective treatment must be used to prevent ecological harm from bilge water discharges. Oil water separators (OWS) equipped with an oil content meter are mandatory under IMO and USCG regulations and must be operated within prescribed limits. In an effort to further protect the coastlines of the communities we serve, Matson established the “Matson Environmental Protection Zone” (MEPZ) in 2002. The MEPZ, which must be recognized by all our vessels, is the sea area within 50 miles from the nearest land. When a Matson vessel is within the MEPZ, procedures prohibit any discharges through the OWS, even though regulations allow discharge closer to shore.

Matson has installed new, state-of-the-art treatment and monitoring equipment on its vessels. The MarinflocAB Emulsion Breaking Bilge Water Cleaning System was initially installed on Matson’s newest vessel, the MV Maunalei. Due to the superior performance of the Marinfloc system, Matson installed this system on all of its motor vessels. The Marinfloc system effectively processes difficult to treat emulsions and is equipped with a tamper proof monitoring system.