Matson offers shippers the ability to combine both our company assets and access to other sources of capacity and services to create customized and flexible logistics solutions. Matson’s ocean services, company-operated warehouses on the east and west coasts, and 53’ intermodal containers create a network of asset-based services to support a supply chain from China to virtually any point in North America. Our asset-based services are complimented by our long-standing and strong relationships with rail and trucking providers to complete our broad menu of logistics services. This unique mix of resources allows us to tailor specific solutions for a customer, and remain agile to move quickly as the customer’s needs change.

Points of Differentiation

Criteria Matson Logistics Traditional IMC / 3PL / Broker Bi-Modal Truckload Carrier
Asset Ownership & Financial Commitment Matson offers asset-based service through its new 53′ domestic containers, intermodal containers, ocean services, and warehouses No “skin in the game.” Little control over capacity, rate, and marketing solutions. No warehousing or international service offerings.
Committed Capacity Matson offers committed capacity solutions not only through its own asset fleet, but also through Tier 1 committed capacity programs from its railroad and truck carriers. No assets to commit to customer needs outside of third party services. No outside capacity sources. Capacity limited to fleet resources in a market at any given time. Not customer flexible.
Experience & Continuity 130 year history of transportation excellence. Containerization pioneer. Knowledge level varies widely by company and contact. Background in trucking. Intermodal inexperience reflected in customer service.
Total Logistics Solution Best of both worlds. Matson is focused on delivering the best solution for each individual customer using all available service options, and supporting the optimal solution through financial commitments to ensure end to end reliability and customer satisfaction. Wide service offering, but no financial commitment. Unable to dedicate assets to support customer solutions. Limited service offering. Limited ability to scale. Focused on customers fitting in to their network, not on finding the best customer solutions.