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Shipping & Registration
For Information on shipping to or from Alaska Click Here

Depending on the load/discharge port, please allow between 2 and 3 weeks for delivery of your automobile. When you deliver your vehicle to the Matson port for shipment, you will be advised of the vessel your vehicle should sail aboard. You will also be given an estimated availability date. With the exception of Premium Service, this transit information is not guaranteed but provides you with a reasonable expectation regarding the movement of your vehicle. You may want to arrange for a rental car while your vehicle is in transit. Premium Service customers will be provided with a guaranteed vessel and availability date at the time of booking. To find out more about our Premium Service, contact Matson's Customer Support Center at 1-800-4-MATSON.

Before you pick up your automobile, you may confirm its availability by selecting our online Automobile Shipment Tracking feature from the navigation bar or by calling our Customer Support Center at 1-800-4-MATSON. You will also be notified by an account specialist once your vehicle is available at destination. We urge you to pick up your automobile promptly to avoid payment of storage charges. Please note that a NOTARIZED letter of authorization is required if anyone other than the parties named on the shipping documents will pick up your automobile.

Port Locations and Hours of Operations
Mainland Ports Vehicle Pick-up times Map
Hawaii Ports Vehicle Pick-up times Map
Guam Ports Vehicle Pick-up times Map
Port Storage Fees

Oakland, Long Beach and Seattle – 4 business days free, there after it is $15.00 per calendar day

Honolulu, and Nawiliwili - 4 business days free, there after 5 calendar days at $6.88, days 6 thru 10 $9.63 a day and each calendar thereafter $19.25

Kahului– 2 business days free, there after 5 calendar days at $6.88, days 6 thru 10 $9.63 a day and each calendar thereafter $19.25

Hilo - 3 business days free, there after 5 calendar days at $6.88, days 6 thru 10 $9.63 a day and each calendar thereafter $19.25

** Please make payment at the Port when you collect your vehicle, please note these are NOT Matson fees, they are Port storage fees.

Any questions concerning Customs clearance should be referred to the following:
(Please call these numbers for Customs issues only)

Long Beach: (562) 366-5450 or (310) 763-0601
Oakland: (510) 273-4341 or (510) 273-4336
Seattle: (206) 553-1581

Automobile Registration
You are required to register your vehicle with the State of Hawaii within thirty (30) calendar days from the time you pickup your automobile from Matson. The State will allow you to do one of the two registration options:
  • transfer your vehicle registration to Hawaii registration, or
  • obtain a permit to operate your vehicle with its out-of-state plates until those plates expire.

In either case, when you go to the Motor Vehicle Registration Department, you must take with you:

  • the original motor vehicle registration, copies will not be accepted;
  • proof of No-Fault insurance - You should verify with your insurance agent if your Mainland policy will be good in Hawaii and/or obtain a "Hawaii Proof of Insurance Card" before you leave the Mainland;
  • current safety inspection certificate - You may take your automobile to any one of the authorized Safety Inspection Stations located throughout the State;
  • your copy of the Matson delivery receipt.

Has your vehicle already been picked up in Hawaii? To print a copy of your Hawaii Delivery Receipt click here

Autos must get registered in Guam as soon as possible with the Motor Vehicle Department. If it is a new car, a copy of the Bill of Sale must be accompanied with the car. If it is a used car & has been registered in the U.S., a certification of the ownership and a copy of the registration must accompany the car.
When you reach your final destination, you should contact the state's Department of Motor Vehicles concerning the registration and state tax requirements, and the driving insurance laws.