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Matson's Liability for Your Shipment
We will make every effort to safeguard your household goods from damage. However, because unforeseen circumstances sometimes occur, we offer limited protection while your goods are in our possession. If Matson is responsible for damage to your goods, our liability is limited to the amount of damage actually sustained to your goods, not to exceed the market value of your goods and, in no event, more than $1,000 per package (i.e., van pack) or, if the number of packages is not disclosed to Matson, $1,000 per customary freight unit (i.e., container). This liability limit can be increased up to the full value of your goods by declaring the value on your Dock Receipt and paying the appropriate additional freight rate. We do not provide any form of insurance. You should verify your personal marine insurance coverage for transportation damage and any other related insurance protection with your insurance carrier.


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