MBF Team

Michael Jones

Matson Bulk Manager

Michael joined the fuel industry in 2006 and since then has performed several key roles within Matson bulk Fuels. Previously he was part of the Reef Bulk Fuels management team. His current role sees him overseeing the day to day management of MBF and looking after our key customers. He currently works across a diverse range of markets and customers utilising his broad networks and expertise in the region with regards fuel supply, trade, economic development and politics.

Campbell Hope

Technical Manager

Campbell began his career in the oil industry 36 years ago with BP Oil, after a long career with BP in leadership roles across the company he then moved to Rockgas. After 2 years as a Senior Manager of Rockgas Campbell joined the Reef bulk Fuels Senior management team and has since transitiones into Matson Bulk Fuels with a technical focus. Expanded and refined MBF's ISO model for ground products.

Tiriana Temoni

Logistics Manager

Tiriana spent seven years working with The New Zealand Customs Service and then moved into a key supervisory role with Mediterranean Shipping Company based in Auckland and Sydney undertaking tasks in a sales support, export customer services and vessel husbandry. Currently employed with Matson Bulk Fuel managing the efficient movement of fuel throughout the complex supply chain from supplier to end user across the Pacific region.