Mission Statement

To provide our customers with an efficient, reliable service of superior quality and value.

Vision Statement

To sustain and expand Matson's market leadership and profitability in ocean transportation and logistics by:

  • building on historic island strengths in the Pacific,
  • leveraging the brand into compatible new territories and services,
  • enabling and rewarding continuous improvement, and
  • doing the right thing by our customers, employees and the communities that we serve.

Commitment to Quality

Matson and its subsidiaries are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers. Matson's dependable schedules, quality customer service, frequent sailings, variety of transportation services -- as well as its history of innovation -- reflect the company's commitment to quality. Every part of the Matson organization is pledged to service excellence.

Matson's commitment to quality is further underscored by two major quality programs: IS0-9002 and service quality assurance.

IS0-9002 involves a codified quality management system, which formally documents procedures in place to ensure quality service standards. To date, Matson's Customer Support Center and auto operations have been ISO-certified.

Service quality assurance measures Matson's actual performance in key areas, gauging how well the company is delivering service features customers expect when doing business with Matson.

At the core of both programs are seven customer expectations that have been identified as the cornerstone of Matson's quality efforts. They are:

  • Freight moves on the vessel of the customer's choice to meet the customer's availability requirements
  • Customers receive requested equipment (containers) in good order, when and where they want it
  • Customers are served by a knowledgeable and responsive sales and customer service staff
  • Customers receive accurate and timely invoices
  • Customer freight reaches its destination damage free
  • Customers find it easy to do business with all Matson companies