About Us Overview

A leader in Pacific shipping, Matson's ocean transportation service is recognized for its industry leading on-time arrival performance and award-winning customer service. Its diversified fleet features four newly-built containerships, as well as combination container and roll-on, roll-off vessels and specially designed container barges. Matson's ships and assets are U.S.-built, U.S.-crewed and U.S.-operated, which provide significant advantages in the integrated trade lanes of the company's operations. Serving Hawaii continuously since 1882, Matson is uniquely experienced in carrying the wide range of commodities needed to support economies that rely on ocean transportation. Matson's service to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Micronesia and the South Pacific is a key component of the distribution systems for businesses, allowing customers to rely on the company's dependable vessel schedules to continually replenish inventories from distribution centers located on the U.S. Mainland.

In recent years, Matson has expanded its reach in the Pacific to include expedited Transpacific services from China to California. Matson's China - Long Beach Express offers weekly service from Xiamen, Ningbo and Shanghai to Southern California. Matson's China service is recognized for industry leading on-time arrivals, next day cargo availability, and seamless intermodal connections using Matson's logistics unit, Matson Logistics. It is also distinguished by fast transit times from China to Southern California and exceptional levels of customer service.

The overall quality of Matson's ocean services is further enhanced by dedicated terminal facilities, maximizing container throughput, truck turn times and cargo availability upon arrival. Matson's overall service package is further strengthened by its world class technology that provides customers with the tools to manage complex supply chains. Matson's suite of e-commerce capabilities include web-based bookings, online billing features, electronic payments, EDI transactions, and shipment tracking, all of which support greater visibility and speed in delivering key shipment information.

Equally important, the people of Matson have the comprehensive expertise necessary “to move freight better than anyone.”