2016 Annual Report
Message from the CEO

One of the pillars of Matson’s corporate culture has been its long-standing tradition of community involvement. It starts with a desire to improve the communities in which we work and live. Our employees are active in their communities and Matson encourages their participation by magnifying their contributions.

Directed by employee Foundation committees and including matches of employee donations, Matson’s community giving reached $2 million in cash plus in-kind services valued at $930,000 in 2016—a new high-water mark for our company, and a reflection of our continued growth last year.

This year’s Manifest provides some insight into Matson’s support for more than 700 organizations in Hawaii and Alaska, around the Pacific and on the U.S. mainland last year.

It’s also a tribute to the people who make this support possible, highlighting some Matson employees whose leadership in their communities is representative of so many more across our network that embody the giving spirit of Matson.

Matt Cox
President and CEO