Ballast Water Management

Ships carry ballast water to provide stability and adjust their trim for optimal steering and propulsion. However, ballast water which originates from ports and other coastal regions may contain aquatic species that are non-native to the area where they are discharged.  These aquatic invasive species can be harmful to the ecological balance and can be very difficult and expensive to eradicate.

Matson vessels adhere to strict procedures to reduce the potential for introduction of aquatic invasive species.  These procedures are prescribed by IMO, USCG, and state requirements.  Vessels which operate outside of an economic exclusion zone (EEZ) must conduct an open water exchange prior to discharging ballast water in port.

Matson has also partnered with Ecochlor, Inc. and the California State Lands Commission (CSLC) to demonstrate an innovative ballast water treatment system on the ITB Moku Pahu.  The details of this project are highlighted in the linked paper which was presented at the CSLC’s 2006 Prevention First conference.